Air Fryer Countertop Placement Guide: Heat Resistance & Best Practices

Can I put an Air Fryer on the Countertop

Where to put your expensive air fryer? This is the first question that pops up in your mind when you bring an air fryer home. Which countertop is better is the second statement that arises along with this question. Many people get confused about whether the heat of the air fryer would damage the countertop or not.

There are even beliefs that keeping the air fryer on the countertop would block air circulation. But by this, there is also a chance that food might be cooked unevenly and the components of the air fryers get damaged. Let’s find out how far these statements are true.

Can I put an Air Fryer on Countertop?

an Air Fryer on Countertop

This depends on the making of your countertop and the making of your air fryer. If your air fryer has ledges then you can definitely put it anywhere on the countertop in fact on any type of countertop. The second case is about the making of the countertop, if your countertop is weak or is not heat resistant then the air fryer can damage the countertop. Check out the Power XL air fryer which can easily be fit on your countertop.

Ledges of the Air Fryer

Nowadays most air fryers contain ledges beneath them. Each side of the air fryer has a ledge at the end. These ledges not only add to the appearance of the air fryer but also help in better air circulation. Before buying the air fryer just explore it from beneath, whether it has ledges or not. Availability of the ledges won’t let the heat hit your countertop directly, as they lift up your air fryer an inch or two above the counter.


Many companies have started making insulated air fryers. As soon as you shut down the air fryer you will observe it is no longer hot. Moreover, some famous brands have also used a feature through which you can allow your kids to take their fries out of the fryer, as the walls are barely hot.

Type of Countertops

Type of Countertops

Quartz Countertop

Quartz countertop is very commonly used in homes. It is cheap and affordable for anyone. That is the reason people prefer to install Quartz countertops in their kitchen. But they are not much heat resistant. They can bear only 150 degrees only. So never think of placing an oven, air fryer, or any other hot cooking wear over it directly. Air fryers on quartz countertops can damage their appearance and durability.

Corian Countertops

Corian countertops can bear heat upto 200 degrees. It is better that you do not place any hot appliances like a cooker, baking oven, or air fryers over it. They are laminated far better, however, they are less durable than the quartz countertop. Check out the Farber Air Fryer review which is a good option for your countertop.

Concrete Countertops

They are one of the highly recommended countertops. They are durable and are easy to maintain. They can tolerate heat upto 400 degrees and even more. But try to avoid putting heated appliances over them so that you can prevent discoloring.

Stainless Steel Countertops

Stainless Steel countertops are seen in the kitchen of restaurants and are difficult to maintain. But these countertops are very efficient in terms of heat resistance. They can absorb huge amounts of heat easily and are thus expensive.

Granite Countertops

Will an air fryer damage a granite countertop? This is the question asked by many customers before buying air fryers. And the answer is yes. Granite countertops are an excellent choice and they are best for keeping air fryers, ovens, and other appliances. Granite is actually the hardest material. It can resist heat easily.

It is easily available in the market and is not so expensive. The granite can resist heat upto 1000 degrees. But with advantages there are some disadvantages as well, the granite comes with small cracks within its surface. So in case, the thermal shock is produced by the air fryer, this crack may expand. So it is better to use countertop protection with it.

Frequently Asked questions

This depends on the type of countertop you are using. If countertops fall under the category of formica countertops then the air fryer will definitely damage the countertop. As they can resist only upto 400 degrees maximum.

You can place your air fryer on the granite countertop. If you don’t have one, then you can use silicone mats under the air fryer. Wood boards, tiles, etc are also placed under the air fryer and big baking ovens.

You can keep your air fryer on the laminated countertops but it won’t withstand the heat upto 400 degrees in a longer run. It is better if you use countertop protectors by investing a little more.

It’s a big NO. Never try to put it on a stove even if you have no space in the kitchen. Consider someplace else but not a stovetop. You might accidentally switch on the stove and something terrible may happen. Moreover, the heat from surrounding stoves might cause damage to your air fryer.

Final Words

Whether you use Formica countertops or granite countertops, it is better to use countertop protective items such as wood boards, silicone mats, or tiles. Using an air fryer directly can cause the countertop to weaken and may also discolor it. However, air fryers with ledges and heat-resistant manufacturing are also available in the market now which can be safe.

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