How To Make Frozen Egg Rolls In Air Fryer Complete Guide

How To Make Frozen Egg Rolls In Air Fryer

“First impression is your last impression” – for me, this quote sounds perfect for defining appetizers as their taste creates my mood for the whole lunch or dinner. Purposely, appetizers increase hunger and prepare a person for the main course, as egg rolls are served in many American Chinese restaurants or food courts. After increased demand, egg rolls become available in frozen forms too, but usually, people avoid frosted items because of deep-frying that maximizes the calories and fat.

If you’re a diet-conscious Chinese lover, a good-quality air fryer is all that you need. The frozen egg rolls in air fryer need no oil, messy procedure, or pre-melting; take them out from a freezer, place them in the air fryer’s basket, and you’re done! The process is pretty effortless, but you need to follow some guidelines to save your investment, especially if this is your first time with an air fryer.

Frozen Egg Rolls In Air Fryer

Frozen Egg Rolls In Air Fryer

If you’ve ever been to a physical or online kitchen appliance market, you must have seen the hype of an air fryer these days. People who love Chinese cuisines, frozen items, and healthy meals are curious to find a perfect partner. The recipe of frozen egg rolls in air fryer given in this article uses a Phillips air fryer which boasts performance efficiency, power-saving option, versatility, and convenience. Let’s see how we can make delicious egg rolls. Also, check out the how-to-cook mini corn dogs.

Why Do You Need An Air Fryer?

The demand for air fryers increases every day due to their numerous benefits, which will be discussed shortly! An air fryer promotes healthy eating and becomes a true partner in your weight loss journey because deep oil-fried items are very high in fat, which is not the case with the air frying technique. In a word, health studies show that air-fried foods directly reduce the risk of obesity, so are you ready to switch?

Besides obesity, the air fryers also reduce the cancer risk by resisting the formation of “acrylamide,” a toxic chemical linked to ovarian, breast, endometrial, pancreatic, or oesophageal cancers. The International Cancer Research Agency has suggested communities to switch to “air frying” to combat cancer in every possible way.

In addition, air fryers are a safer option in the market for beginners because it doesn’t involve a sizzling oil-filled container posing a risk of accidents, spillage, or splash. Air fryers don’t get warm, so there’s no such threat; however, I recommend following the manual’s instructions properly before using it for the first time and handling the equipment carefully.

Health benefits aside, air fryers are the safest, most efficient, and effortless substitute to deep frying methods. There is no cleaning mess at the end of the process as this kitchen appliance is sleek, so it demands no stain-removing agents or spillage control techniques. That’s the reason I strongly recommend air fryers to our future chefs.

How To Cook Frozen Egg Rolls in Air Fryer?

I am surprised how tempting air fryer egg rolls frozen are! Crispy beyond and mouth-watering on the inside, these pre-prepared frozen rolls are an unbeatable way to revel with Asian appetizers in minutes. You need to heat them in a fryer, and you’re done; don’t worry, I will explain the complete recipe with tips and tricks shortly!

Before that, I need to mention that frozen egg rolls are commercially available by different brands, but if you’re living far from the city or egg rolls are not available in your reach, then you can prepare those in your home kitchen! The procedure of air frying is similar for both, so let’s begin with that!

Ingredients And Equipment

In a word, you need a pack of frozen egg rolls and an air fryer to begin this recipe. As I said in the last paragraph, different brands sell frozen egg rolls, including Chung’s egg rolls, Costco frozen rolls, pagoda egg rolls, Tai Pei frozen items, van’s egg rolls, and more. Besides, the frozen egg rolls are of different categories depending upon flavors like buffalo chicken, vegetables, chicken, and more.

Asian cuisines are available in different names as per their origin. For instance, the air fry lumpia frozen rolls are typically found in Indonesia and the Philippines and come with savory or sweet fillings. Secondly, you can make minh egg rolls in air fryers originally manufactured by a Chinese company and come with vegetarian and pork filling.

While some American brands which are selling frozen Vietnamese and Asian food items like you can have Chungs egg rolls in air fryer. The cooking process is the same for frozen lumpia in air fryer or minh mini egg rolls. So let’s get to that!

In addition, another material required is a cooking spray but make sure to get a safe one. Finding a perfect oil spray is a real challenge, especially for beginners, because numerous brands are claiming their product is the most reliable, but you cannot trust it easily as an air fryer is an expensive kitchen appliance. The cooking sprays with aerosols are not suggested because they are harmful and might damage the basket coating. I recommend buying an oil spray mister that is value for money.

Once you have your hands on the right oil, it’s time for correct use! In short, a mist of cooking spray is enough for the entire cooking process as it will evenly provide crispiness and taste to the rolls. In my preference, you can use extra virgin oil, canola oil, or avocado oil by filling in a sprayer as these oils are chemical-free. Extra virgin oil is my favorite of all!

Recipe Instructions

The recipe for egg rolls includes five minutes of preparation time and less than fifteen minutes of cooking time. The frozen egg rolls are Chinese appetizers, and each roll contains up to 157colaries. Let’s move on to the steps:

First, you need to preheat an air fryer at 390 degrees Fahrenheit or 199 degrees Celsius for about five minutes. After that, add the egg rolls to the air fryer; don’t throw them all over the place; you’re not making scrambled eggs. Please place rolls in a layer form as this way they will cook consistently in an even manner.

Frozen egg rolls in air fryer are all set now! Fry the rolls for six minutes initially, and then shake the pan so that the rolls twist their sides. Repeat the previous step: air fry rolls for six minutes again at the set temperature, and you’re done. If you like some extra-crisp, air fry the egg rolls for two minutes more and rest them in the pan. Plate the egg rolls, don’t eat—it’s time to dip them in your favorite sauce!

Frozen Egg Rolls Dipping Sauces

Frozen Egg Rolls Dipping Sauces

Asian mustard sauce is the best option for egg rolls if you like spicy cuisines. Many brands manufacture it, but I love the taste of Kari-Out Spicy Asian mustard dip, which is readily available on amazon. Do you know mustard is a rich source of protein, vitamin C, B complex vitamins, and fiber? Make a healthy and organic mustard dip in your kitchen to avail of those abundant advantages.

Have you ever visited an American Chinese restaurant? They usually offer a translucent yellowish orange condiment called duck sauce, which is sweet and sour and used for dressing fried items like spring rolls, strips of chicken, egg rolls, fish, or noodles. A duck sauce is a mouth-watering combination of fruits (apricots, peaches, plums, pineapples), sugar, ginger, chili flakes, and vinegar. If you’ve never tasted this dip, I highly suggest you give this traditional Chinese sauce a try.

I love the taste of jalapenos, especially with less spicy vegetable egg rolls, so for this, nothing is better than a sweet Thai chili sauce. It is made of red chili pepper, rice wine, garlic, fish sauce, vinegar, and a sweetening ingredient like sugar, honey, or fruit. People usually substitute this sauce with Sambal Oelek, but in my opinion, nothing can beat the balanced taste of Thai chili sauce.

The three sauces I shared above are my top preference for egg rolls, but sometimes I crave any different taste. In that case, my other choices are bang bang sauce—a mayonnaise-based dip with sweet and spicy savor, eel sauce—a sweet, umami, and salty dip, and a chili crisp—an Asian sauce with spicier umami taste. Besides, if none of the sauces are available in your kitchen, try those egg rolls with ketchup, mayonnaise, or chili sauce!

Tips For Cooking Frozen Egg Rolls in Air Fryer

Start with the first step; when you add oil, please make sure the quantity is minimal as egg rolls or spring rolls are pre-cooked and contain oil already. Don’t spray oil or anything over the spring rolls or egg rolls. Please don’t overcrowd the basket and never stack the rolls; as I suggested above, always place them in a one-layer form for even heat distribution.

Tips For Cooking Frozen Egg Rolls in Air Fryer

While cooking, make sure to consider a few things: brand, size, filling, and thickness of egg rolls as the demand of temperature and time varies with those factors. In the recipe given above, I used minh mini egg rolls, which come in a pack of eight. I usually use mini rolls as they require less time and temperature to cook.

Between the half procedure, shake the egg rolls basket very gently so that the rolls don’t break apart. Don’t worry; that’s a rare case, and I just mentioned it for beginners. “KEEPING AN EYE” is my top suggestion to all chefs, especially when you’re trying a recipe for the first time. It saves you from burnt food and also gives space to innovative or smart ideas in your mind to change the recipe as per your taste. Here are some more air fryer recipes you might like.

Do You Need Thaw Air Fry Frozen Egg Rolls?

That’s the most asked question by Chinese lovers! There is no need to thaw spring rolls or frozen egg rolls in an air fryer for your information. Take them straight from the pack to the fryer and cook as per the instructions given in this blog. An air fryer is an effortless and fastest way to enjoy Asian appetizers!


How long do you put frozen egg rolls in an air fryer?

Place egg rolls in 380 – 400 degrees Fahrenheit preheated air fryer for six minutes. Then, shake the pot with soft hands and again fry them for six minutes. Foodies who love extra crisp in their egg rolls can fry them for an additional two minutes to enjoy super crispy finger-licking rolls. In a word, you have to put frozen egg rolls in air fryer for twelve to fifteen minutes only.

How long do I cook frozen egg rolls?

For your information, frozen egg rolls don’t require melting, which means you can directly place them in the air fryer’s basket from your freezer. Cook them in two batches, six minutes first, then shake the basket, and six minutes more. In this article, I have explained the entire recipe with the necessary tricks and tips, so if you’re a beginner, I highly recommend you give a quick tour!

How do you make PF Chang’s frozen egg rolls in air fryer?

PF Chang’s frozen egg rolls require no pre-melting or oil sprays. Take out rolls from the freezer, and place them in a layer form for even heating. The temperature of an air fryer for Chang’s egg rolls should be 340 degrees Fahrenheit, and you need to cook for 10 minutes only. Flip the rolls over after five minutes, and cook an additional two to five minutes in the end for a crispy texture.

How do you reheat frozen egg rolls in Airfryer?

Preheat the air fryer at 350 degrees Fahrenheit maximum, and place egg rolls for three minutes. There is no need to flip them over in the reheating process. This is the exact procedure opted by many restaurants to reheat the egg rolls.

Final Thoughts!

Chinese appetizers stand among the most popular cuisines in the world, and a widespread belief calls their delicious taste behind this fame. When cooking in our home kitchen, we always look for something more effortless, fast, and mess-free, like frozen egg rolls in air fryer that demands no fancy ingredients, pre-melting procedure, or cleaning steps. Plus, air frying brings numerous health benefits and becomes a top choice for diet-conscious consumers. To know more, please read this blog!

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